Oct 10 , Mains Questions from today’s Hindu Paper

Answer the Questions in about 250 Words

GS Paper 1

Topic:- Salient Features of Indian Society – Caste

1.Do you think that the caste system in India hurts women more than men?

The image of an immoral woman– Scriptures that sanctify the caste system such as Manu’s dharmasastras portray women as immoral, disloyal and impure and needs a controlling arm of her father,husband or a brother. This primitive notion on the position still carried to the modern day in the institution of caste is detrimental to the freedom enjoyed by women.

Endogamy – Women and their choice of spouse is limited due to prevailing notions on marriage within the caste. This often translates into parents stopping the education of girls sooner than the boys. A woman loses control over her choice of her partner more than a man does. Especially so, if she happens to be from the upper castes.

Purity and Pollution – Menstruating upper-caste women are considered ‘unclean’ and are often not allowed to enter kitchens, pooja rooms, and temples. They are often considered ‘untouchable’ and are forced to live in isolation for the duration of their periods. This archaic notion of purity and pollution affects women of upper-castes whereas such notions are virtually absent in the households of lower caste women.

In the case of the reported rape of Bhanwari Devi,this ‘virtue’ became very evidently one that was rooted in Brahminical Hindu notions of propriety. In this judgement, they reasoned that since the alleged rapists were upper-castes (including a Brahmin), they were to be acquitted – as “an upper-caste man could not have defiled himself by raping a lower-caste woman.” These judgments were so deeply entrenched in ideas of purity/pollution, that is was assumed that men could not and would not violate an ‘impure’ body. This is another instance in which caste norms had prevented effective justice to a woman who was a victim of rape.


These instances are clear illustrations on the unfavourable treatment meted to women within the institution of caste. Patriarchy and Caste contains ideas and world views that are inherently discriminatory. Ideas and notions in caste affects women more than men,

GS Paper 2

Topic:- International Organizations and Institutions

2.“World Food Program is the driving force in efforts to prevent hunger as weapon of war and conflict, the pandemic has made it even more relevant” – Evaluate.


Hunger, many a time has role as both cause and effect of wars and conflicts.
Pandemic has many similarities to such situation except for the fact the enemy is virus.

World food Programme (WFP) an United Nations affiliated body’s had consistently delivered in helping the victims of natural and human-made disasters by collecting and transporting food to crisis areas


• WFP was established in the year 1961, since then it was involved in the rebuilding of post-war South Korea in the late 1960s, the emergency response after genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda, the long-running conflict in South Sudan and the recent wars in Yemen and Syria.

• As per WFP, there are 690 million hungry people around the world and around 60% of them live in countries affected by conflict. The number of hungry people is expected to increase further due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

• The WFP has been working in India since 1963 in the areas of reforms of Public Distribution System apart from providing policy inputs, advocacy and technical assistance for improving access to food.

• WFP is awarded 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its efforts to combat hunger around the world and improve condition for peace in areas affected by conflict.

• WFP estimates that the starving people number will rise due to pandemic, which makes it efforts more relevant.

• Apart from operating in conflict and pandemic inflicted areas with food assistance, the WFP also ran logistics services and dispatched medical cargoes to over 120 countries to help them in fighting Covid-19.


The Nobel committee had observed that “until the day we have a medical vaccine, food is the best vaccine against the chaos”. WFP is administering exactly the same in order keep people free of hunger and healthy across the world.