General Studies Test No.2

We would like to extend our sincere & heartful thanks to all the aspirants who have enrolled in our Test Series.

On the 4th day of conducting our 2nd test in our All India Prelims Open(AIPO 2020) we have crossed aspirant count of 600 Registrations.Among these aspirants, a total of 200 aspirants have attempted the test as on date.

This message to the aspirant community is an analysis of the General Studies Test No.2 which was conducted on the 15th of August 2020. We have received e-mails from various aspirants about the difficulty level of the test.

We would like to clear certain aspects of the Civil Services Prelims Examination to the Aspirant Community.

The above table indicates the Cut off required to clear UPSC CSE Prelims 2019.

Out of the “million aspirants” who apply for this examination every year,not more than 15000 make it to the mains phase of this Exam.

The difficulty level of UPSC Examination is such that 98 marks would have been sufficient enough for a General Category Candidate to clear this Examination. This is clearly indicative that more than 97% of the aspirants have not obtained a score above 98 marks.

We have seen a lot of candidates who have wondered how despite scoring 130+/140+ in various test Series were not even able to clear the CSE Prelims Exam.

This is because such test series repeat themselves. Examining closely you can spot various repetitions across Questions in these test Series in which you can easily score beyond 130/140 marks. Such tests would only give you a fake sense of confidence which would cost you dearly on the day of the Examination.

Our vision is to mimic the actual UPSC experience. Our mission is to put you on the hot seat of facing the actual Prelims Question Paper.

That does not mean we unnecessarily ask random facts about Current Affairs and make our Question Paper difficult. Instead, many of the difficult Questions that we have asked are from static subjects such as Polity,History, Economy etc. These difficult Questions have their answers in the NCERT books itself.

History Questions on the Mahdawi sect,Jizya,Sufi all have their answers in Satish Chandra Medieval India NCERT. We merely give attention to areas which aspirants tend to neglect so that one last time such areas can be brought to your attention before the Examination on 4th October 2020.

Our Current Affairs Questions cannot be managed just by memorizing from the compilations and so does UPSC. It requires a keen sense of observation from the Hindu Newspaper. It is in this regard our daily efforts in the form of “Hindu through Questions” has been initiated for the benefit of the aspirant community.Please attempt our Daily Quiz and we promise you Questions that you can never find elsewhere.

We will never make you happy by rewarding you unnecessarily.This feel good factor about oneself is the main reason for complacency and this in turn can affect you on the day of the CSE Prelims Examination.Instead we would want you to earn the marks on your own by understanding your weaker areas.

Based on the assessment of the difficulty level of the General Studies Test No. 2, the cut off for such a difficult test would be around 70.

So those who have obtained marks above 70 are in a very safe zone.Others have to work on the areas where mistakes have been made so as to strengthen yourself.

It is better to score 70/80 in our Tests and finally score 130+ in the CSE Prelims instead of scoring 130+ in all the test series and end up scoring less than the cut off marks on the actual day of Prelims.

With this motto in mind we have decided to conduct the next test on the same level of difficulty instead of increasing the difficulty level.

Remember that what has gone by was just the second test. There are still 6 more weeks to go and 6 more tests to go. We wish you all the very best for the upcoming tests and we would be immensely grateful for all the 600 aspirants who have placed their trust on us. We will never fail you.


Team CivilsWrite.