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Daily Hindu Through Questions, 22 September 2020


Daily 5 Prelims Questions from that day’s Hindu Newspaper


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Which among the following is/are the correct statement(s) about the Industrial Relations Code Bill 2020?

1. Any industrial establishement with over 100 workers is required to get the prior permission of the Government before retrenching any worker.

2. The Bill makes it difficult for a Trade Union to be recognized as the “Sole Negotiating” Union.

3. Any dispute in realtion to the termination of the services of an individual worker is classified as Industrial Dispute as per the provisions of the new 2020 Bill.

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Identify the correct statement(s) about Belarus?

1. Belarus is a land locked nation.

2. Ukraine shares its border with Belarus.

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

1. The Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha is a constitutional functionary.

2. The term “ Officers of Parliament” includes the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha.

3. The Deputy Speaker can preside over a Joint Sitting in the absence of the Speaker of Lok Sabha

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Which of the following mechanisms can be used by the financial creditors to recover the loans made to the defaulting Corporate Debtor?


2. Debt Recovery Tribunals

3. Lok Adalat

4. Insolvency and Banking Code

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Which of the following forms a part of the UN Security Council Reforms advocated by India?

1. Regulation of usage of Veto Power by the permanent members.

2. Increase in the total non permanent members in the UN Security Council.

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Mains Question:-

9. “ The changes to the ‘Prudential Framwork for resolution of stressed Assets’ by the Reserve Bank of India is a significant departure from the earlier framework in addressing the issue of growing NPA’s”- Critically examine this statement ?


10. Do you agree with the view that the National Education Policy 2020 can achieve what Right to Education Act 2010 had failed to do?