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Daily Hindu Through Questions, 16 October 2020


Daily 5 Prelims Questions from that day’s Hindu Newspaper


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Which among the below is/are focus area/s of World Food Program.

1. nutrition and food fortification

2. empowering smallholder farmers and connecting them to markets

3. disaster risk reduction and early warning

4. emergency preparedness and response

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statements regarding types of data encryption.

1. Symmetric-key encryption is much slower than asymmetric encryption.

2. Symmetric-key encryption is secure than asymmetric encryption.

3. Symmetric encryption is also known as public-key encryption.

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Island of Taiwan is surrounded by _______

1. East China Sea

2. South China Sea

3. Philippine sea

4. Luzon Strait

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Which among these is/are true about the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Act, 2020?

1. Any farming Agreement is to be linked with insurance or credit instrument under any Central or State Government Scheme.

2. Once a farmer enters into a farming agreement, he shall be exempted from the State Act with regard to regulation of sale and purchase of farming produce.

3. Essential Commodities Act will be applicable even if the farm produce is purchased under the farming agreement.

4. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is the Sub-Divisional Authority for deciding the disputes under farming agreements.

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statement(s) about the News Broadcast Authority of India?

1. News Broadcast Authority is a multimember body constituted under the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

2. News Broadcast Authority of India can impose punishments such as fines on errant Television News Channels.

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Mains Questions:

9.Environmental laws in India needs to be exhaustive to control further degradation. Clarify this statement with reference to household and agricultural sources of pollution in India.

10.What is the impact of increased cash flow in an economy and what steps does Reserve Bank of India take to reduce the cash flow?