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Daily Hindu Through Questions, 24 September 2020


Daily 5 Prelims Questions from that day’s Hindu Newspaper


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The term ‘PUSA Decomposer’ recently seen in the news in the context of

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Which of the aircrafts are rightly matched with their countries of manufacture?

1. Rafale – France

2. Grippen – Sweden

3. Chengdu J20 – Japan

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According to the Constitution of India, which among the following criteria should be compulsorily satisfied to become a citizen of India?

1. Domiciled in India

2. Place of Birth of oneself or that of parents being in India.

Select the correct answer from the codes below:

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Identify the correct statement(s) about the Comptroller and Auditor General of India?

1. CAG receives the same salary as that of the Chief Justice of India.

2. CAG is removed from his office in the same manner as that of the Chairman of UPSC.

3.  CAG enjoys a tenure of 6 years.

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Consider the following statements

1. The robber flies are aggressive predators that feed mainly or exclusively on other insects

2. Aravallis Biodiversity park situated in Gurugaon houses them

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Mains Questions

9.Do you think that the Data Protection Bill  2019 can address the seriousgaps in the protection  of personal data?(150 words)

10.Assess the importance of the newly setup Agricultural Infrastructure Fund in improving access to community & productive assets for increasing agricultural output?