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Daily Hindu Through Questions, 12 October 2020


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Which among the following is/ are true in an economy with extremely low unemployment rate?

1. Rise in price of goods and services.

2. Companies can lower wages.

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statements.

1. Common goods – fish stocks in international waters.

2. Public goods – air we breathe.

Select the rightly matched pair/s.

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Consider the following statements regarding Feluda test kit.

1. Feluda test uses chemicals to amplify the virus’s genetic material in the laboratory. 

2. It uses indigenously developed CRISPR gene-editing technology.

3. It adapts the Cas12 and Cas13 proteins to detect the Coronavirus during the test. 

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Which among these is/are member states of OSCE Minsk Group?

1. Armenia

2. Azerbaijan

3. United States of America

4. Russia

5. France

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Which among the following would encourage antimicrobial resistance?

1. Poor infection control

2. Inadequate sanitary conditions

3. Frequent use of hand sanitisers

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Mains Questions

8.“The State of Food Security and Nutrition Report 2020 (SOFI) Report has highlighted the Food Insecurity in India.”. Do you think Food Security is further at risk due to the COVID Crisis?

9.“Continuous access to abortions and contraceptives during the COVID needs to be ensured to sustain population control in India”- Comment.