“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. “


The Essay should be an attempt to bring out the relationship between our actions and Happiness in life. However the essay also needs to address the first half of the Quote about how actions need not necessarily bring happiness all the time.

Before we go about relating human acts to the pursuit of happiness, it would be better to address the need for Humans to act.

Why do we act?

Actions are purpose oriented. They have an end result to be accomplished. It is the fulfillment of this end result that opften brings happiness to human beings.

A simple act such as moving from one room to another to pick up a glass of water or a complex set of actions such as a politician making a series of steps so as to gain power all have an end result to be accomplished.

It is the fulfillment of such objective of a thirsty person to satiate his thirst and a politician to gain power that brings happiness to Human beings.

Yes. It can be agreed that actions are aimed at happiness.

Does that automatically mean that all actions can lead to Happiness?

Can actions such as hurting others, inconveniencing others, gossip or revenge bring us happiness?

Such actions might seem like they’ll make you feel good, but doing those bad things to others will erode your trust and your self-trust. It won’t build self-esteem.

It will feel great for a few minutes, but it won’t help you love yourself. Such acts will only end up destroying the happiness in our lives.


Actions such as exercise or an expression of gratitude won’t always bring you happiness. It would be painful to do such actions as to sweat it out at the gym or to say “Thanks” to someone out of Gratitude, but these are those actions that will give you both physical and emotional health so as to have a happy life.

It is at this juncture we need to consider that all actions are accompanied with consequences.

The Essay can be concluded by mentioning that it is within the power and control of individual human beings to decide what actions they would like to choose depending upon the consequences of such actions.The choice if rightly exercised can help in performing actions that necessarily bring happiness.

Think on these lines and post your essays for our feedback