Daily Hindu Through Questions, 21 September 2020


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National News:- Govt tables Bill to amend FCRA

With respect to the recent amendments to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (2010) , consider the following statements

1. The proposed amendments seek to bar public servants from receiving foreign funding.

2. The amendments seek to make Aadhar mandatory for all office bearers of NGOs and other organisations which are seeking foreign contributions.

Which of the following statements are incorrect ?

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National News:- Amid protests RS passes two Bills

Rule 374A of Rules of procedure has been in the news recently. Consider the following statements

1. A member of lok sabha can be suspended without a motion being passed to that effect

2. Period of suspension under Rule 374A is for that particular sitting

3. The speaker can terminate the suspension on his own discretion

Which of the following statements are correct ?

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National News:- Govt tables Bill to amend FCRA

The system of Department Related Standing Committees was created for the first time during the tenure of

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Identify the correct statement(s) about the The Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation Bill,2020) ?

1. State governments are prohibited from levying any market fee, cess or levy outside APMC areas

2. The Act bars the Jurisdcition of Civil Courts from entertaining a suit disposed by an authority under this Act.

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Editorial: Fair & Unfair

Which among the statement(s) is/are the correct definition of Criminal Contempt as defined in the Contempt of Courts Act 1971?

1. Actions that scandalize the authority of a Court

2. Actions that interfere with a Judicial proceeding

3. Actions that obstructs with the administartion of Justice.

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