Daily Prelims Questions from Hindu – 20/10/2020


Daily Hindu Through Questions, 20 October 2020


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‘Ratooning’ is an agricultural practise used in the cultivation of

1) Sugarcane

2) Banana

3) Pineapple

4) Jackfruit

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Which of the following is true about Malabar Exercise?

1) It is a joint naval exercise conducted by India, USA and Japan since its inception in 1992.

2) The naval exercises are always held in the Indian Ocean

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Identify the correct statement(s) about Citizenship in India ?

1) A citizen has the right to claim the protection of the law.

2) A citizen shall be subjected to the authority of law.

3) A citizen shall have the right to vote.

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about the independence of Judiciary in India ?

1) The Parliament under no circumstances can discuss the conduct of a judge of High Court

2) The salary of the judge of the High Court of a state is charged out of the Consolidated fund of the State.

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What are the measures that can be taken to reduce the fiscal deficit in the economy ?

1) Issuing treasury bills

2) Borrowing from the Central bank

3) Increasing the tax collection.

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