“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”

As you can observe, the central idea that needs to be first addressed is

Why do we think?

It may sound easier. but it is very hard to find the answer for the above Question. Try doing it.

If we can get a suitable answer to this Question, the Essay would naturally flow in the right direction.

We require to work our way around the Quote so as to construct an Essay for 1000-1250 words. The focus of the Quote is on the distortion of the world that can be caused by ‘Human Thoughts’.

One way to answer would be to dwell upon the problem with thoughts.

Our thoughts are the result of life experiences. We have learnt to react in a particular way and the easiest way to react is to classify the world into binaries.

The binary of God and Satan. Beautiful and Ugly. Good and Bad.

Why do we think in terms of such binaries?

Such classifications make our understanding of the world simpler. How comfortable it would be to end our search for the truth by arriving at a conclusion based on the binary of good vs bad. It would be much easier to categorize a person as good or bad than to try understand what he really is. This ‘Binary Outlook’ has become a habit for most of us. Our thoughts arise out of such classifications.

We either feel happy if things go according to our plan or else feel depressed. We live in the dream of a “good” future so as to avoid the “bad” past. In our pursuit for the future we often lose the present.

The next task in hand is to relate the quote with our lives so as to come up with lucid examples that can make it easier for the examiner to associate the quote with.

The Essay should touch upon how our ‘thoughts’ distort our perception of the world.

Keep thinking on other ways to construct an Essay on the above mentioned Quote and post your written Essays for our feedback.