“The mind is furnished with ideas by experience alone” 

What does the Question exactly denote?

The quote indicates the relationship between our “Experience in life” and the “Ideas” that are generated in our minds.

It is not always necessary that the quote in the Essay has to be accepted as the absolute truth. Our own bias in favour/against the Quote can lend a touch of originality to the Essay.Nevertheless due consideration needs to be given to the word ‘alone’ while approaching the Question.

What is expected from us while we go about developing this quote as a full length Essay?

The focus of this Essay is on the significance of experience in our lives.

The first task in hand would be to clearly establish what we understand by ‘Experience’.

There is no denying the fact that experience is a great teacher.A child learns to avoid fire only after getting its fingers burnt. Our preferences in our lives are all ideas that are born out of earlier experience in our lives.

Experience helps us to test our theoretical knowledge that we have gained on the touchstone of reality.

The other way of approaching the Quote can be about thinking “If there can be any other source of Ideas” than experience?

Eg:-Should the experience be necessarily a personal experience or can it be ‘imbibed experience’ from others?

A human being’s reaction to a Tiger is to flee from the spot. How & from where did he get this idea to run away? He might not have seen a tiger ever before in his life. It is here we need to point out that it was the experience of others that he had imbibed which had actually helped him to come up with the idea to flee the spot.

Another way of branching out with further ideas is to think about the role of intuition in generating ideas. Can a creative work as a piece of beautiful painting or a melody be a product of experience? Or does the creative idea arise out of nowhere?

The word creative itself signifies that the idea has been created. 

The right question then would be “Can there be a linkage between experience and this creative Idea”?

If not can we then say experince alone is the reason for ideas?

Final Word:-

As you can observe building arguements for topics like the one above can be challenging and interesting at the same time.

The point here is if we can branch out to newer areas by raising fresh questions about the topic in hand. It is only by posing right questions about the topic in our hand we would end up exploring in the right direction.

This gives the necessary coherence to the Essay.

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