Mains HandHolding Program 2020

Mains HandHolding Program 2020

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What should be the Ideal Strategy to prepare for CSE Main Examination?

1.Have a complete idea about the topics to be covered in the next 3 months – Make use of GS Syllabus sheet for Mains to identify topics that were not prepared in Prelims. Such topics should be prepared first.


2.Read the most concise material for those topics that you cannot locate in a single text book. Eg: Urbanization , topics on Security related challenges etc. All we require is 250 words on the day of the exam. But you have only 90 days left for GS, Essay and Optional Subject.


3.Break the topics in the syllabus sheet into 3 different categories. 


Category 1: Covered in Prelims. Good enough for Mains. Just atempting tests will do.


Eg: Parliamentary System, Freedom Struggle


Category 2: Have read somewhat for Prelims but need to get into the concepts to write an answer.


Eg: Planning, Growth and Development, International and Bilateral Relations.


Category 3: Completely new for Mains Preparation.


Eg: Society related topics, Governance related, Ethics


4.Start your mains preparation from Category 3 and work your way to Category 1.


5.Practise 1 Test per Week .Not more than that. The energy that you spend on writing each tests is almost equal to two days of preparation.Merely attempting tests leaves you less time for preparation for Optional Subjects.


6.Refer the Answer Key for adding more points factually. 


7.Give more importance to the first paper of your Optional Subject. 


8.Do contact us for any Guidance related to Main Preparation. 


What’s the Plan?

On every Monday before the test, we would mail you an approach paper. The approach paper will be an eye opener to understand the topics that needs preparation for the ensuing test.Additional  study material if any will also be mailed alongside. The timing of the test will be from 9.30 A.M to 12.30 A.M every Sunday. We will e-mail you our Question Paper on the day of the test at 8. A.M. You may write it at your convenience and send a scanned copy of the answer sheet. We will provide you with the Model Answer Key on the same day of the test by evening 6.00 P.M. Evaluation will be done within a week and the scanned copy of the evaluated answer sheet will be sent to this registered email address. Go through the written feedback on the answer sheet. Incase you would like further clarification, you can reserve a time slot over telephone for personal discussion with our faculty. 


How do we evaluate?

A written feedback will be provided within 7 working days from the date of your submission. A model answer key will be available in your registered Mail Id the next day of submission of your written test.Evaluation is done only by our core team members. We do not delegate our Evaluation Work to other aspirants who are preparing for their Main Examination.


What do we expect from you?

  • 10 hours of preparation time per day for 100 days before mains
  • Answering our mains Question that we post every day to warm yourself up for the upcoming weeks Test- Post them and we will evaluate the answers Real Time.
  • A daily target for completing the test portions for the upcoming Week’s Test. It is Ok even if you have only completed 40% of reading material for each topic.Move on and ensure all portions for the weekly Test is touched .
  • Time Each Question while you answer the Test. Don’t spend even 1 min more than the time limit per Question. If the Answer is still incomplete. Move on. We can come back to it later after completing other Questions.

 All we need from you is the dedication to follow the schedule and to stick to deadlines. This 100 Days hardwork you put in will be the foundation for your success in both Mains as well as in the Personality Test Phase of this examination.

Trust in what we say and We promise to guide you to success in Mains.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Once this golden period of mains preparation (100 days) is missed out, there is no second chance again