“ In a gentle way you can shake the world”.

This is a quote of Mahatma Gandhi. The quote can be interpreted in a wide number of ways. The phrase “In a gentle way..” is a reflection of various ideas of Gandhiji such as ahimsa (gentle) his belief in co-existence etc.

How can we approach the Quote?

The 2nd part of the quote ‘…you can shake the world’ would signify the power of a human being to cause transformation in the world. This part considered alone would be very egoistic in its sounding. Hitler had changed the world. So did Stalin. World had become nuclear armed after the second world war. The war itself was a result of these men bickering with each other. These men of history no doubt have changed the world.

But was it all for the better?


The entire meaning of the quote would change if the quote is read in its entirety. ‘ In a gentle way…..’ completely overturns the intent of the quote.


The love and compassion showed by mother Theresa to the destitutes dying on the roads of Calcutta had transformed the world for better. The world had become a better place for humans to live with the re-assurance that there are fellow human beings to take care of each other. A simple act of this Christian nun had its ripple effects all over the country. Donors came forward contributing to the charitable works of the ‘Missionaries of Charity’. Her act is replicated to the present day by such missionaries.

The symbolic gesture of Gandhiji to shun his Western clothes in favour of the home spun khadi can be written as another individual gentle act that shook the factories in Britain. Millions of Indians followed Gandhiji in not wearing British factory made textiles henceforth. What leaders earlier were not able to achieve by mass protests or demonstrations, he was able to achieve by this ‘gentle’ act of shunning western clothes.

As you can observe there is no dearth of examples to take this Essay forward into a 1000 word Essay.

The only aspect to be ensured is whether the ‘gentle’ factor in the Quote is addressed in the right manner in the Essay or not.

Think on these lines and construct Essays for the Quote that is posted today.

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