Abstract Essays – Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.


The quote is that of Socrates uttered 2000 years ago.

To expand on the quote in order to write a 1000 word Essay, it is necessary to associate the quote with the present educational system followed in India.

What can be the difference between ‘kindling of the flame’ vs ‘filling of the vessel’ ?

The quote is very much open to our own subjective interpretation. Each one of us can bring out our own understanding and perception of what the quote means in the Essay that we write.

Filling of a Vessel – What education is not about

A vessel that is filled can take no more. It remains immobile. There is no fresh inflow of ingredients into a vessel that is full. The analogy of a filled vessel is a good reminder to us that education should not be a dumping activity of information. When applied to modern teaching, education should not be just viewed as an activity where a teacher or a lecturer passes on information to the students.

The analogy of kindling of a flame

A flame kindled glows brighter. It is as a result of kindling the flame comes back to life. This should be the objective of education by means of which new ideas are churned out of the students by engaging them in the classrooms. Each idea or knowledge imparted to them should be questioned so that greater clarity emerges out of it.

It is through this process education can realize its true purpose of creating citizens with independent thought.

With this understanding of the Quote thus having reached , it is time to further think upon so as to build more arguements

Line of thought

Education to change the world

Such an education can make an individual question the world around him and to make him seek for the truth. A seeker born out of this kindling effect of education would not be satisfied with the status quo. It is men carved out of such an education who go about changing the world for the better.

Education as an aid to realize the consequences of one’s actions

It requires a highly educated mind to understand the larger consequences of one’s actions. This can be achieved only by a mind that has been trained to think and to not accept. If men were to think about the consequences of their actions crimes would disappear and there would be heaven on earth.

and so on…..