Mains Questions from today’s Hindu Paper

GS Paper 3:

Topic:- Investments/Liberalization

  1. “India despite being a huge market for electronic componenets lags behind in domestic manufacturing”.Discuss the recent measures taken by the Government of India to boost local manufacturing of electronic components?


Elelctronics design and manufacturing is supposed to be the word fastest growing industry. India is one of the largest market for electronic components. Electronic hardware and component manufacturing in India faces immense challenges from competing nations.

Electronic component industry and the Indian lag:

• The electronic components contribute to the 50% of the value of an electronic product.
• Passive electronic component manufacturing and more of assembling the primary products imported is happening in India. Active component manufacturing needs Intellectual Property rights, transfer of technology and investment.
• Reasons cited for the industry being a laggard are inadequate infrastructure, high cost of finance and logistics and inverted custom duties.

Government measures:

• Production Linked Incentive scheme (PLI) Scheme for Promotion of Manufacturing of Electronic Components and Semiconductors (SPECS)
• Modified Electronics Manufacturing Clusters Scheme (EMC 2.0)
• Make in India and Digital India initiatives
• Electronics Development Fund Policy – a framework to set up a Fund of Funds which will foster R&D and innovation.


India’s market for electronic components will continue to grow for at least a few decades. To utilise the same effectively, necessary infrastructure, investments and policy frameworks needs to be put in place.

GS Paper 3:

Topic:- Cyber Security and Technology

2. “ In the age of misinformation, every opinion becomes a truth” – Highlight the problems with information on the social media along with the challenges in regulation of the information?


Social media and the web based digital medias had evolved from being a extra entertainment source to a full fledged part of daily life of majority.
Such echo chambers had insinuated themselves into almost all walks of life like politics, workplace, family, etc.
Measured regulations without affecting the goodness ushered by them is a welcome measure.

Brief Points:

Problems :

• Polarising opinions, hate speech, obscenity, fear mongering, malicious news inciting violence, law and order disturbances, etc.
• No journalistic norms.
• Algorithms based targeting and hyper-personalisation of news and advertisements

Regulations and related challenges:

• China – ban of twitter, whatsapp, etc. Germany – NetzDG law, etc are examples of regulations.
• All such regulation focus at removing the misinformation within certain time frame.
• In India, Section 66 A of IT Act – Punishment for sending offensive messages through communication service etc. and Government is contemplating amending the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011.
• Web-based media platforms by itself is only a tool and had done many value addition to human life. For example, Whistle blowers effectively use social media to fight misdeeds.
• Making intermediaries (youtube, facebook) more responsive and accountable – difficult to enforce, need to be thought out and measured.
• More awareness campaigns regarding the legal provisions and responsible behaviour from the stakeholders – reaching vast number new internet users.


Solution needs to strike balance among right to expression, privacy and social harmony.
Regulations to the extent to be qualified as reasonable restrictions mentioned in Constitution will serve the purpose.

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