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Copy – Daily Hindu Through Questions, 14 October 2020


Daily 5 Prelims Questions from that day’s Hindu Newspaper


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Who among the following is/are prohibited from receiving Foreign contribution under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010?

1. Candidate for election

2. Editor of a registered newspaper

3. Employee of a corporation owned by Government

4. Company engaged in the production of films

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statements regarding Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network.

1. It gives real-time information on vaccine stocks and flows, and storage temperaturesacross all cold chain points.

2. It is implemented by the World Health Organization (WHO).

3. It captures the data of vaccines administered and monitors vaccine reach till the last-mile beneficiaries.

Select the right answer with the codes below.

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Which of these countries share a border with Caspian Sea?

1. Turkey

2. Armenia

3. Azerbaijan

4. Iran

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Which among these is/are treated as Capital Expenditure

1. Electricity expenses in a Research and Development facility

2. Purchasing a computer

3. Installation charges of a new equipment

4. Purchase of a patent

Select the answer with the codes below.

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With reference to recently announced Blue Dot Network, consider the following statements:

1. The Blue Dot Network will bring together governments, the private sector, and civil society under shared standards for global infrastructure development.

2. The network will certify infrastructure projects that demonstrate and uphold global infrastructure principles.

3. Certification by the Blue Dot Network will serve as a globally recognized symbol of market-driven, transparent and financially sustainable development projects.

Which of the statements given above is/are true?

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Mains Questions:

9.”India needs to show foreign investors it has the benefits of China with fewer risks as a relocation destination.” Explain

 10.”The World Bank’s decision to halt its annual ‘Doing Business’ report on data authenticity issues has major implications”.- Discuss