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Current Affairs is only about events /schemes/ policies/insitutions/ people/ legislations/art forms/scientific breakthroughs that are recently in news.

There is no use in unnecessary rote memorization of unnecessary facts about everything that is thrown at you.

That is why all our Questions in the Daily Quiz are chosen only from that day’s Hindu Newspaper.

There will be an Explanation provided that points out the reason for the Correct and Incorrect Answers.

Current Affairs Preparation is a systemtaic process and not a one day affair. It is easier and more rewarding to prepare for Current Affairs on a regular basis than to memorize it all a single day with some academy compilation. 

This practise can help you save atleast 10 minutes of your time on the day of the exam.

Having covered every possible Question that can be asked from the Hindu is the way to crack Prelims in Civil Services Examination.

An interesting and informative 10 minutes every day is guaranteed.This is a test to find out if you have been reading Hindu Comprehensively or not.

Find out if you can solve our Questions.Know where you Stand!

September Hindu Through Questions

Hindu Through Questions ,1 September 2020