Daily Hindu Through Questions ,3 september 2020


Daily Hindu Through Questions, 19 October 2020


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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about the Global Hunger Index report ?

1) It is published by the World Food Program.

2) Child stunting in the Global Hunger Index refers to the children who have low weight for their height

3) India is ranked the lowest among all the South Asian Nations.

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According to the Constitution of India, the Governor of a State

1) Cannot return a money bill for the re – consideration of the State Legislative Assembly

2) Can reduce the period of disqualification of a MLA disqualified under Section 8 of Representation of People’s Act 1951

3) Can appoint the Council of Ministers in the State Government.

Identify the correct statements

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Sadhna Pass is located to the

1) West of Zojila

2) East of Zojila

3) South of Shipki la

4) North of Rohtang Pass

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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct about Judiciary in India ?

1) Prevention of Corruption Act does not apply to the members of the Judiciary.

2) A Judge of a High Court can be removed by the Governor after a removal resolution is successfully passed in the Parliament.

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Identify the correct statement(s) about the farmers (empowerment and protection) agreement on price assurance and farm services bill, 2020

1) The Bill abolishes the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committees (APMC’s) in the states.

2) The Bill provides for a contractual agreement for the mortgage of farm land for a specified period to the buyer.

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Mains Questions:

9.How can a Government increase spending and what will be the effects of increased government spending in an economy?

10.Differentiate between personal and non-personal data and discuss the salient features of the recent Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019.