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Daily Hindu Through Questions, 13 October 2020


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Which among the following can be classified as Particulate matter?

1. Ground level ozone

2. Carbon monoxide

3. Black carbon

4. Pollen

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statements.

1. Article 129 of the Constitution conferred on the Supreme Court the power to punish for contempt of its subordinate Courts.

2. High Courts have the power to punish subordinate courts for contempt of Court.

Select the right answer with the codes below.

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Consider the following statements.

1. Human cost of disasters report is published by United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination.

2. India reports the second highest number of disaster events after China as per this report.

3. Drought and storms are the most prevalent disasters as per this report.

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Which among these is/are true regarding the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2020?

1. As per this Act, agricultural foodstuffs can only be regulated under extraordinary circumstance

2. Seeds of Vegetables are classified as essential commodities under this Act.

3. Imposing stock limits on essential commodities will be based on the price trigger as per this Act.

4. Processors and value chain participants are exempted from the stock limit under this Act.

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Which of the following are the applications of Internet of Things (IoT)?

1. Self driving autonomous vehicles

2. A moisture sensor in the soil that sends a notification to the farmer to switch on the irrigation system.

Select the answer with the codes below.

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Mains Questions:

9.A collaborative Food procurement policy between Centre and States in the need of the hour. Discuss

10.As space opens up our space vision needs broadening too. Examine the statement with reference to global governance, arms control and regulatory issues in Space.