Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.


The Essay should take care of two aspects throughout its length.

  1. Why it is normal to feel fear? – Even the brave feel fear.
  2. If so is the case, then what differentiates the courageous from the rest?

To address “ Why is it normal to feel fear? ”, an understanding of what scares us has to be brought in as a part of the Essay.

Some have a fear of dogs, some fear of heights. While some have a fear of public speaking and others the fear of their boss at the workplace.

To put it otherwise

It is not the feat of walking over to the podium to give a speech that scares us, but rather it is the fear of being humiliated in front of others and the loss of honour that scares us.

It is not the boss who we fear, but the negative appraisal that he can award and the resulting damage to one’s career promotion that scares us.

As you can see, it is the fear of losing what we hold as dear to ourselves (Honour and a good career path) that scares us.

Every man has such ideas and notions that he holds dear to himself. And he is always scared to lose them or to pursue anything that can lead to such a loss.

It is human like to perceive fear .

Fear is a natural instinct that aids in self preservation. If you were to not feel fear on the sight of an approaching tiger, you would end up getting devoured.


“If so is the case, then what differentiates the courageous from the rest?”

It is just that they were ready to face the consequences.

Winston Churchill was very nervous before his first speech. He had the same fears of being humiliated in front of the audience. He was about to lose his honour if he was not able to deliver a good speech. However he came up on the podium to deliver his speech and the rest was history. Churchill became one of the most powerful orators in history.

Concluding remarks:-

There are many such examples such as Steve Jobs , Bill Gates who had the courage to drop out of their college to build great companies in the 20th century. They would have had similar fears of losing a well paid job after completing their college education. They would have feared to stare at a future that was so uncertain. They were no different from others who had similar fears. That was where the similarities end. The stark difference was that Gates and Jobs had the strength to face the consequences of their actions. They did not mind standing out as an object of ridicule if their plans were to fail.

Such examples can highlight to us that the difference between the courageous and the rest is that the one’s who are brave have the strength to face the consequences. Hence they take the first step whereas those who are not lack this strength. Those who are not courageous remain trapped in the safety of their cocoon shrouded with the fear of facing the consequences.

This is the right method to build on more arguments to the Essay and to highlight that even the courageous ones do feel fear. However it is they who are able to overcome it and become successful.

Expanding further with many such examples which are unique to each and every aspirant, we can comfortably manage to write an essay on this quote for about 1000 words.

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