All India Prelims Open 2020

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Dear Aspirants,

It is time to once again get into the groove of Prelims preparation. With still 2 more months to go, the AIPO is designed to keep you on your toes to revisit your Prelims Preparation.

All Questions are designed by an expert faculty team,vetted and curated to make each Question mimic the standard of UPSC Prelims Questions.

Explanations pinpoint the grey areas in interpretation of the Question instead of merely pointing out the right and wrong answers. 

Time Table

Test timing:- The test will be activated by 9.15 A.M in the morning and can be attempted any time on that particular day.

Explanation will be provided on the Test Portal as a pdf document by 6 P.M on the day of the Test.

Enter the same registered login ID and Password to view the explanation.

Difficulty level of the Tests


  1. The Questions are asked from various NCERT’s and other Standard Reference Text Books.
  2. No previous years questions will be repeated.
  3. Questions Will be direct from various aspects of NCERT’s and other Reference Materials.
  4. Interconnections across topics is low.
  5. Eliminating wrong options can result in the correct answer.


  1. Questions are not direct from NCERT’s.
  2. Questions require a clear understanding of the topic and concept to answer correctly.
  3. Elimination alone will not suffice. Precise knowledge is required to arrive at the correct asnwer.Guess work may end up being wrong.
  4. Establishing connections across topics and Subjects is required to arrive at the correct answer.
  5. Has a great element of Surprise

UPSC Standard:

  1. Mix of Easy, Moderate and Difficult Questions.
  2. Requires the right strategy of Elimination,Narrowing Down and Selection to get the correct answer.
  3. A certain degree of confidence in having covered all possible areas fro where Questions can be asked.

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