Daily Hindu Through Questions, 9 September 2020


Daily 5 Prelims Questions from that day’s Hindu Newspaper


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Which among the following statement(s) is /are correct about “Biodiversity Hotspot”?

1. A site to be classified as a Biodiversity Hotspot must have 30% or less of its original natural vegetation.

2. It must be home to endemic plant life.

3. There are no biodiversity hotspots in the Eastern Ghats.

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Identify the correct statement(s) about the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

1. Deputy Chairman is the Chairman of the Committee on MPLADS

2. The salary of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha finds no mention in the second schedule of the Constitution of India.

3. Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is removed following the same procedure as that of Chairman of Rajya Sabha.

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With respect to Vaccine development for COVID-19, identify the correct statements.

1. Pre Clinical trials test for the efficacy of the vaccine.

2. Clinical trials require the approval of ICMR before the beginning of the process.

3. Oral route can be used for immunization.

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Which among the following statement(s) is correct about the Zero hour in Rajya Sabha?

1. Any changes to the timing of Zero Hour will be made by the Rules Committee.

2. It is mandatory to give a prior notice of 10 days before asking a Question during zero hour.

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Consider the following statements.

1. India is a part of Asia Pacific Group on Money laundering.

2. Pakistan has been recently included in the FATF Blacklist.

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