50 abstract essays in 50 days

50 Abstract Essays in 50 Days

This initiative is to cover 50 different themes that usually are asked in the UPSC Essay Paper. Every day there will be a quote that would be posted along with a “Line of Thought” we would indicate in the write up. The objective of this exercise is to explore if new areas can be thought so as to branch out while writing Essays on Abstract Topics. 


Unlike the Conventional Essays, it is the Abstract Essays that can determine you success to a large extent. Conventional Essays will be almost answered to the same level of perfection by most of the aspirants who appear in the Main Examination. This however is not the case with abstract and philosophical essays.


 In this type of Questions neither the usual cliched ‘SPECLIH’ approach nor any other ‘Pre-Determined’ approach would work. However there is one way of how even Essays on Abstract Quotes can be answered satisfactorily. And that would be to answer with conviction lucid examples from our lives and arguements that can provoke interesting thoughts in the mind of the examiner. Another Challenge is to expand the content that we have to the length of 1000 words. This would appear to be a daunting task but with repeated exposure to abstract quotes and philsophical questions you can master the startegy of ” Building a 1000 word original & interesting essay”


So here we are to get exposed to 50 different quotes on 50 different days so as to wonder about them.