Daily Hindu Through Questions, 17 October 2020


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Consider the following statements regarding United Nations Commission on Status of Women (CSW).

1. CSW Member States are elected by United Nations – General Assembly Members.

2. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women(CEDAW) is drafted by CSW.

3. India presently is a CSW member state.

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Consider the following statements with reference to Channapatana toys.

1. Channpatana toys are predominantly made in ivory wood.

2. The origin of these toys can be traced to the Delhi Sultanates.

3. Vegetable dyes are used in the colouring process of these toys.

4. Japanese technology is used in the making of these toys.

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Which institution publishes World Economic Outlook Report?

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Which among these is/are true about Global Hunger Index, 2020?

1. India is placed at ‘alarming’ category in Global Hunger Index Severity scale.

2. Prevalence of Wasting of Children has decreased this year compared to 2012 value.

3. Prevalence of Stunting in Children in India under five years has shown a consistent decrease over the years.

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Which among the following States is/are members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization?

1. Uzbekistan

2. Azerbaijan

3. Armenia

4. Tajikistan

5. Kyrgyzstan

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