Daily Hindu Through Questions, 2 October 2020


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National News:- State cant term slowdown a public emergency

Which among the following statement(s) is/are correct about National Emergency declared under Art 352 of the Constitution of India?

1. Emergency declared under Art 352 can be revoked by the President without the written consent of the Union Cabinet.

2. During a National Emergency declared under Art 352, the Parliament can reduce the salary of the Governor of the states.

3. A resolution passed by the lower house of Parliament can revoke an Emergency declared under Art 352.

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International:- No decision yet on Australia’s participation in Malabar

Match the Naval Exdercises conducted by India?

1. Konkan – United Kingdom

2. Passex- Australia

3. INDRA- Russia

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Business:- Manufacturing PMI sees fastest Growth in 8 years

Identify the correct statement(s) about the Purchasing Managers Index(PMI)?

1. Purchasing Managers Index can be used to forecast the growth of Industrial Activity in the forthcoming time period.

2. Any data higher than 50 in PMI indicates economic expansion.

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National:- Bhushan to file review petition in SC

Identify the correct statement(s) about the Review powers of the Supreme Court as provided in Article 137 of the Constitution of India?

1. This power of Review of the Supreme Court is essentially an appeal against the orders of the lower courts to correct any mistakes of the lower Court.

2. In cases where the sentence is of Death, the aggrieved person has a right of review by a higher bench in the Supreme Court.

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Business:-Power Generation rises for first time in 7 months

In the context of electricity generation in India, consider the following statement(s)

1. Both Centre and State Governments can generate Electricity in India.

2. The share of Centre in Electricity Generation is higher than the State Government Establishments.

3. Private Sector Produces more electricity in India compared to the Public Sector.

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