Daily Hindu Through Questions, 1 October 2020


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Frontpage:- Centre sticks to limits for borrowing

Identify the correct statements about the conditions that have been added to the Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management Act (FRBM) in 2018 so as to breach the Fiscal Deficit Targets?

1. The targets can be breached due to a collapse in the Agricultural Output.

2. The targets can be breached only by the Central Government.

3. Any deviance from the FRBM target should not exceed beyond 0.5%.

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International :- Armenia Azerbaijan Reject Talks

Identify the incorrectly matched country with its capital

1. Azerbaijan-Baku

2. Armenia- Yerevan

3. Georgia-Minsk

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Business:- External Debt declines to $550 bn

Which among the following is/are correct about External Debt in India?

1. Soveriegn Debt is a part of External Debt

2. Appreciation of Indian Rupee can lead to an increase in External Debt.

3. An increase in NRI Deposits can lead to an increase in External Debt.

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Business:- South West Monsoon ends with 8% Surplus

Which among the following factors influence the onset of the South West Monsoon in India?

1. Indian Ocean Dipole

2. Jet Streams

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Op-Ed:- Is one language enough

Identify the correct statement(s) among the following?

1. Hindi is used for communication between the Union Government and all other State Governments in India.

2. English is used as the sole language for all Authoritative Texts.

3. The Original Constitution contained Gujarati as one of the languages in the 8 th Schedule.

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