Daily Hindu Through Questions, 30 September 2020


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Editorial:- Weighing the Costs

Identify the correct statement about Access to Covid Tools (ACT) Accelerator.

1. ACT Accelerator ensures equitable access to Covid Vaccine.

2. ACT only focusses on Vaccine development and not on therapeutics & diagnosis.

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Which among the following are examples of “Global Commons” ?

1. Antartica

2. Space

3. High Seas

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Business:-Stimulus Inadequate

Which among the following can be considered as a part of ‘Economic Stimulus’ measures ?

1. Lowering Tax Rate

2. Deficit spending by the Government.

3. Increase in the lending rate by Central bank.

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Frontpage:- India Rejects China’s claims on LAC

Which among the following passes does not connect India and China?

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International:- Malabar exercise – Meeting to discuss Australia’s entry

Which of the following is true about Malabar Exercise?

1. It is a joint naval exercise conducted by India, USA and Japan since its inception in 1992.

2. The naval exercises are always held in the Indian Ocean

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