Daily Hindu Through Questions, 16 September 2020


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In the context of the presence of biomarker Phosphine in Venus, identify the correct statement(s)

1. Unlike Mars rover,no rover has ever landed on the surface of Venus due to the harsh climate and corrosive acidic environment.

2. Shukrayaan is the Indian mission proposed to orbit Venus.

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What would be the correct statement(s) in the context of the Rights of Persons with Disabilites Act 2016?

1. To ensure physical access for Persons with Disabilities in all Government Offices and Public Buildings.

2. The Office of the Chief Comissioner for Persons with Disabilites came into existence after the passage of the Act.

3. Parliament alone can legislate on matters related to relief and welfare of Persons with Disabilities

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With respect to Departmentally Related Standing Committee (DRSC), consider the following statements ?

1. Chairperson of the DRSC’s are elected from amongst its members.

2. The term of a DRSC is for a period of one year.

Select the correct answer

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Consider the following statements about the Electricity Amendment Bill 2020

1. The draft Electricity amendment Bill 2020 has done away completely the subsidies provided to farmers

2. It establishes an Electricity Contract Enforcement Authority (ECEA) to be headed by a retired judge of the High Court to enforce contracts

3. Provisions have been added to facilitate and develop trade inelectricity with other countries.

Which of the following statements are correct

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Which among the following is exclusively a Kharif Crop in all parts of India?

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